Gaurav Maniar

18 Years Experienced Professional in Cryptography, PKI, Information Security, Data Security, SSL Certificate, TLS Certificate, Cloud Security, Website Security, Email Security, Cloud HSM, IT Infrastructure Management, Cloud Management and Customer Support. Certified in Comptia Security+, EC Council CEHv10, MCSE, ITILv3. Domain Investor by Hobby owns 150+ domains.

What I Do

Deploying/Managing PKI Solution

I help you to deploy PKI Solution for your organization. You can choose Managed PKI solutions that are provided by many certificate authority or your own Certificate Authority using Microsoft or Open Source Solution.

Privacy Protection

Privacy is key aspect of Modern business and I can help you not only get compliance with latest privacy norms also I will help you to stay updated with privacy norms that are available internationally.

Email Security

Email is key communication method for today's world. Email Security is required for all organization. I help organizations to secure their email from following:1) Spam 2) Phishing 3) Impersonating 4) Malware Removal 5) Email Archiving

Web Security and Penetration Testing

Website is required to help you to gain new customers. I will help you to secure your web site or web application from threats by detecting vulnerability. I also help you to prevent attacks by securing your website. I am offering penetration testing service as well.