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PKI Management - Consultancy

PKI is a key feature in today's cybersecurity. To make the internet more secure PKI is more responsible. PKI does not only means SSL Certificate, there are larger part of PKI that would help you to secure your organization. You can use Certificate to Authenticate user, services and devices. PKI for IoT is one of the key component to make sure that IoT Devices are secure. I can help you with choosing the right PKI Solution. PKI would be future for Authentication of users and that would help organization. PKI can use in Document Signing, Application Signing as well as securing IoT devices. I would help you to make sure that your PKI solution as per your requirement.

Email Delivery and Security - Consulting

Email is a must-have for all. Email communication uses not only in B2B but also in B2C. Email would help you to establish your brand in today's internet. Current situation there are 2/3rd of cybersecurity attack took place using email. There are more and more phishing emails coming to the user's inbox. I help you with all email security solution which includes the following :
1) Phishing Prevention
2) Email Archiving Solution
3) Secure email communication within the organization, even outside the organization.
4) SMIME Security
5) Spam/Malware prevention solution.
6) Email Delivery Solution

Website Security and Penetration Testing

Website security not only means that you install an SSL Certificate. You have to make sure that your website is available 24x7. It should be protected against all kind of attacks like DDoS, SQL Injection. We perform a manual and automation assessment of your web application. We also make sure that it is secure against OSWAP vulnerabilities. We help you to protect your open source CMS like wordpress, Joomla, or drupal. We help you with E-commerce solutions like OpenCart, Magento, Woocommerce. We help you to protect your website and web application.

Cloud Infrastructure Management - Consulting

Cloud is here, and it is changing the way we are doing business. Managing your applications on the cloud is not easy. We provide Cloud Infrastructure management for managing your AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure Cloud. Do you want us to manage and optimize cost? We can do that for you. With years of experience in Cloud Management, our expertise, we provide you the best in a business solution. We work with you at all aspects of cloud solution designing to managing.


Document Signing Tool - Coming Soon

We are developing the Document Signing Tool. The tool will be the first cross platform tool to sign the document. It also element some age-old technologies still used while signing the document. We are working towards creating a robust product that would help everyone. We are going to launch this in India by the 2nd Quarter of 2020. The document Signing Tool will revolutionize India's Tendering System. India's Tendering System still requires Internet Explorer and Java to work. We are building Future tech with security, integrity in mind.

Authentication and Authorization - Consultancy

Authentication and Authorization - Consultancy
Cybersecurity is useless if you don't have proper authentication an Authorizationon in place. You need to implement secure authentication not only for user which has highest privilege user but also user who has least privilege. Authorization and logging user activity would help you in many compliances. Usage of two-factor authentication is a must when users are working from home. BYOD is a new culture, but we all have to make sure that incorporate learning your data and your customer's data should be secure. It should be accessible to those who needed it with at-most care about compliance and logging to make sure that it is done correctly. We will help you with implementing proper logging as well as authentication for your users.  We help you with following
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Bio Metric Based Authentication for PC and Web Application.
  • Logging for your Application to make sure you are compliant.

There are many products and services that we are still working on, and we will launch that soon, be with us and contact Gaurav for our future products and updates.

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